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NextGen Prophets Podcast 2.0

Dec 29, 2022

You can’t see God’s plan… but you can make one with Him.

Your life may seem in chaos now, but by the end of this episode, God’s will for your life will be mapped out. Set godly goals with Jesus and align yourself with His decree. Come into the new year with this investment and step out with faith and...

Dec 28, 2022

365 days full of promise.

2023 is your most anointed, blessed, and productive year yet. That’s because you’re going to position yourself for revelation and critical vision today. Complete these 3 things for a sound mind and a clear promise from God.

God says, “Look forward to me, for I have given you hope and...

Dec 27, 2022

Enter the new year on a good foundation. 💪

See a clear map of what God did in this year to prepare you for 2023. These 5 questions clarify His plan for your life and help measure how you’ve matured. As you answer these questions your journey becomes clearer and clearer.

A message from your spiritual parents 

Dec 22, 2022

Be yourself, without making people mad.

Before you can get to know others, you have to know your reality first. Answer 5 questions that draw out the authentic you. Authentic you is a great person who isn’t so bad after all. But you have to meet them first before you introduce them to the world.

Click play to learn...

Dec 21, 2022

4 things that guarantee you an 80% survival rate at every social event (You're welcome 😉)

I see you 👀. You’re the guy at the Christmas party holding in your judgments from all the craziness around you. You’ve been there 15 minutes and already you’ve upset someone, interceded for a stranger, and thought of...