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Next Gen Prophets with Craig and Colette Toach

Jun 22, 2021

Why would the Lord show you what is going to happen and then not allow you to share it? It is because the Lord reveals His secrets to the prophets first. Join the rank of prophets who get it right and make an impact! Apostles Craig and Colette will hand you exactly what you need in this episode, to perfect your delivery so that it is received every time. 

The Next Gen Apostles are back in the studio answering real questions from prophets around the world. Today, they take on a question that has been asked by prophets since the beginning of time. “How do I keep the revelation God gives me a secret until it’s time for it to be revealed? Is there such thing as a perfect time to reveal them?” Let’s talk about that! 
Get on board the Next Gen train as Apostles Craig and Colette Toach give you an impartation that will #LevelUp your prophetic anointing. Listen as they reveal examples of how a prophet should and shouldn’t handle a revelation from God.

After this podcast, you will be well on your way to handle the revelation God gives you and see all of them come to pass.
Question Answered: How do you keep things that you see, or knowledge that you receive, to yourself when you don't have a timeline of when what you are seeing will occur but you know that it will?
Asked By: Ashley Cooper (Saint Louis, Missouri)
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