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Next Gen Prophets with Craig and Colette Toach

Oct 21, 2021

Your time in the wilderness is up. God wants to use you again! Get prophetic training on how to jump back into action after a season in the wilderness. Make sure you listen to the end for a project to get you going in ministry once more. 
Here to help you move forward in your prophetic call, your mentors, Apostles Craig and Colette Toach, encourage you to jump back into ministry. They will convince you that this time around, you will be ready to serve God’s people no matter what comes your way. 

"The wilderness is about you. This means you will grow more in Christ. However, you cannot stay there because it will keep you in a place where everything remains about you."  Stick around to the end! They give you a project that will propel you into your first ministry opportunity.
Key Scriptures:
Luke 3:2 
Ready to Step into Your Ministry? Read this Book for Some Extra Help! 
Prophetic Boot Camp (E-Book)

Question Answered: Can I still be a prophet if I don't go to church?
Asked By: Betzy Villafane (Ewing, New Jersey, USA)
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