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Next Gen Prophets with Craig and Colette Toach

May 31, 2024

If God has called you to be a prophet he has called you to be a scribe!
5 signs you have had the desire or God has told you to …
1 Write books -  Bible “to document your journey”
2 Write songs - Songs “to worship”
3 Write down prophecies - record of the words prophets  “to witness”
4 Write or share...

May 4, 2024

You're called to be part of a family.

As a prophet, you can bring alignment between heart & vision. In this podcast, you'll receive an impartation to create unity. Build a team, and bring the change God needs in your church.

NextGen Prophet, you're not alone, you were never made to be alone.

A Message From Your...

May 3, 2024

Your worship holds the key to heaven.

Prophet, worship is in your blood. In this podcast we'll give you an assignment to tap into ancient oil. Oil that has the power to bring alignment.

A Message From Your Big Bro & Sister:
    "You're a natural born worshipper, & we want to elevate your potential!" - Michael &...

May 1, 2024

Alignment holds the key to your breakthrough.

You're in a season you can't walk out alone. In this podcast, we'll align you with your tribe. We'll show you how to increase your supernatural gifts and open the door to your destiny!

Embrace the armor-bearers God has placed at your back!

A Message From Your Spiritual...