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Next Gen Prophets with Craig and Colette Toach

Apr 29, 2021

It’s time for real questions and straight answers with Apostles Craig and Colette Toach. Today’s episode answers the question of... "I see that the church needs to expand but I also cannot do it alone. How can I have a team, mentorship, and covering while still pursuing the vision God has given me?"
Apostle Colette Toach says, “If you would like a team to follow you, become part of one first. If you want people to follow you, learn to be a follower first”. Push past your limits and exceed your expectations with the knowledge from this episode. Push play for impartation and a powerful time with the apostles.
Question Answered: Good Afternoon. I shifted to NYC for ministry and need help with the church I was attending. They only do evangelism on the block... I am called to the whole area - subway, as well as the streets of New York - I need help, a covering,  perhaps mentoring, or even a team! Any suggestions?

Asked By: Chrislyn Echols (New York City, New York)
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