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Next Gen Prophets with Craig and Colette Toach

May 26, 2021

Maturity is more than just flowing in the gifts of the Spirit at the drop of a hat. Rather it is allowing God to form a character in you that can adapt to your environment and stand immovable in the face of adversity. If the clothes you are wearing, prophet, cannot stand this pressure then it means God is preparing to give you a whole new wardrobe.
Stand in the new mantle God is giving you and receive everything He is offering you. Apostles Craig and Colette Toach lead you to a place of true maturity by showing you where you can excel. “Get past the metamorphosis! You were put there for a time but now it is time to break out,” says Apostle Craig Toach. Put this episode into action and watch as the Lord takes you to the next level.
Question Answered: How do you tell the difference between when your flesh is being stubborn and just won’t finally die once and for all, and when the Lord is actually trying to resurrect something in you?
Asked By: Jolene Bateman (Brandon, Manitoba, Canada)
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