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Next Gen Prophets with Craig and Colette Toach

Aug 4, 2022

We’re going to list 4 facts about your life, then tell you your prophetic type. Ready?

You were born into ministry. While other kids played, you ministered to adults and studied the Word. You never gave in to peer pressure and always remained faithful to the Lord. Find out why it had to be this way and the vast access you have to God’s anointing.

Could you be a Samual-type prophet? The anointer of kings, the appointer of apostles, and the birther of ministries? We shall see...

The Apostolic Anointing Takes Time

Nothing ever came easy to you but why should it? The anointing isn’t easy and your call isn’t cheap.

Because of your process, you speak to leaders on a level they aren’t used to. You can handle pressure and shrug off petty things like offense. Do you get it yet? You're called to a higher level. Today, we tell you how high that is.

Click the play button and see the vision God has for your life.

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