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Next Gen Prophets with Craig and Colette Toach

Feb 25, 2021

Introducing the Next Gen Prophets Challenge! Apostle Craig Toach is going to teach you the steps to becoming a stronger, faster, better prophet, but the question is... are you prophet enough to follow through with these steps? Accept the challenge and join the wall of prophets who are seeing immediate results.

Rules to the Challenge:

  1. Listen to this podcast, “Prophetic Blitz - Are You Game for the Next Gen Prophet Challenge? (Ep. 28)”
  2. Go on a spiritual fast (cut out all social media, movies, music)
  3. Replace that time spent by doing these things instead:
  4. Worship, spend time in the Word, and watch teachings
  5. Date night! Take a night out of the week to do something interactive with your spouse or significant other. Come away from the evening having learned something about them that you did not know before.
  6. Arrange time with your family and engage in activities that draw them out
  7. Look around you and find someone you can bless with your time, finances, or love. INVEST!
  8. Post the results of your fast to
  9. Change the world! 

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