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Next Gen Prophets with Craig and Colette Toach

Aug 11, 2022

I know your pain 😢 you can’t do everything all at once and it’s killing you.

Let me bring you some peace that helped me. There are 5 specific things that God requires of you that will fulfill you and help thousands of people. You're already doing some of them, but not on purpose yet. So, learn how to do them better and have way more influence today.

Signed - A Next Gen Prophet 😉

Stop Saving Everyone

You will eventually help everyone, but God needs you to birth something specific today.

Take more land, help more people, and bring greater change when you see what you have to do today. Feel like you're actually doing something… because you are.

Now click play so I can tell you the good stuff.

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What’s Your Prophetic Type? Ezekiel: The Evangelistic Prophet (Ep. 255)

Scriptures Used in This Episode

Ezekiel 24:24 (NKJV):
Thus Ezekiel is a sign to you; according to all that he has done you shall do; and when this comes, you shall know that I am the Lord GOD.

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